Saturday, October 13, 2012

Endeavor In Los Angeles


WOW... Amid much fanfare, space shuttle Endeavour is continuing its 12-mile, two-day trek through L.A. city streets. According to our reports, officials are currently questioning whether they'll be able to get the space shuttle, most recently at the Forum in Inglewood, to the California Science Center before sunset.

Endeavour has fallen at least three hours behind, delayed by trees, a narrow stretch of roadway and an LAPD truck that blocked the shuttle's path.

The Space Shuttle Endeavour is illuminated under a night sky as it moves slowly through the Crenshaw Districct on its way to the California Science Center on Ssturday.
Phew! A crew member carefully guides the shuttle Endeavour past a tree along Crenshaw Drive in Inglewood.

Just before midnight Friday, the space shuttle Endeavor is pulled along W. Manchester Ave and across the freeway 405 overcrossing by a Toyota pickup truck. The filmed stunt enabled the automobile company to promote it's investment in the California Science Center where the shuttle will be on permanent exhibit. 

Endeavour is towed by a Toyota Tundra pickup across the 405 Freeway on the Manchester Blvd. bridge Friday, Oct. 12. Traffic was temporarily halted in both directions of the 405 Freeway for safety reasons.